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Canyon Day Hike

Full Day
Join us on a thrilling full day hike as our experienced guide leads you through the challenging terrain of the 'Jelly Legs' gorge, descending from the canyon rim to the upper part of the canyon below. After a moment to gather your breath, there is a further descent down rock-strewn slopes before you reach the permanent rock pools in the heart of the canyon.

Take a dip in these pools deep in the earth, surrounded by millions of years of history. Afterward, a  picnic lunch awaits,  before commencing the hike back up to the Lodge.

Please note that this is a strenuous hike that demands a high level of fitness and endurance.
Duration: 8 to 10 hours.

Half day
This hiking adventure commences with a short drive to the lookout point on the edge before you descend into the upper section of the canyon. This challenging excursion offers a fascinating exploration of the geological wonders that unfolded countless years ago, showcasing how the higher portion of the canyon was dramatically formed. While the hike does not reach the bottom of the canyon and its perpetual rock pools, it remains a demanding trek with plenty to see.

Please bear in mind that sturdy hiking boots are mandatory for this endeavour. Additionally, it is essential to carry a daypack containing any necessary items you might require during the hike. You will be back at the lodge between 14:00 and 15:00 and can order lunch if required.  

Duration: 4 to 5 hours.
Note: Minimum 2 and maximum of 6 guests per excursion. No under 16s allowed. Please note that these hikes are seasonal due to the extreme temperatures in summer, and only available between the cooler months of April to September.

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