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Canyon Drive (Full day)

The only access route by vehicle into the Fish River Canyon, this excursion offers a captivating journey into the depths of this natural wonder. By embarking on this adventure, you will have the opportunity to witness a geological history that spans millions of years, with our guides there to point out these marvels and provide insights into their formation.

The canyon reveals the seismic forces that shaped our planet, with evidence of the continents separating and the tectonic shifts that created this awe-inspiring landscape. During the drive, you will encounter fascinating geological features such as petrified ripples of ancient floodplains, glacial deposits, dramatic fault lines, rugged limestone formations and shimmering quartzite.

Keep an eye out for the wildlife that can often be seen in these gorges, from the tiny klipspringers appearing and disappearing along the ledges, to a Black Eagle floating on an updraft above you. These possible encounters with our wildlife will further enhance your experience, connecting you with the natural ecosystem that thrives within the canyon.

The drive culminates at the permanent rock pools that remain after the flow of the river has subsided, and here you can enjoy a picnic lunch, take a dip in the pools, and enjoy the surroundings before returning to the lodge. This excursion lasts approximately 7 hours, providing ample time to immerse yourself in this wondrous destination.

Departure: 06:00 to 07:00, after an early breakfast. 
Duration: Approximately 7 hours.
Note: Minimum 2 and maximum of 8 guests per excursion. Children under 12 receive a 50% discount.

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