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Fish River Lodge

Fish River Lodge – on the edge of eternity. The unique landscape has provided the inspiration for the contemporary design of the Lodge.  Dry stone walls, tall windows and wrap around decks allow views of the canyon to take priority.

A rim pool providing cool comfort in the hot summer months also overlooks the canyon, whilst crackling fireplaces in the main lodge offer warmth and cosiness in winter.  A platform outside each chalet allows for outdoor yoga and clerestory windows frame a myriad stars at night.

The 45,000 hectare Canyon Nature Park is a sanctuary for Karoo succulent flora where the Aloe dichotoma, locally known as Kokerboom, stands sentinel and wildlife, including the rare Hartman’s zebra, oryx antelope and ostriches, appear and disappear in the rocky side canyons.

The Fish River Canyon is one of the world’s top hiking destinations. With access down to the Fish River and meandering paths on the rim of the canyon, we offer a host of adventure activities, guided and unguided. These include hiking, cycling and canyon drives to experience the beauty, the grandeur and the serenity of the Fish River Canyon.

19 Chalets (2 family, 7 doubles and 10 twins)

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