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Quick Facts

Where is the Fish River Lodge Located?
The lodge is located directly on the western rim of the canyon. On passing through Keetmanshoop, you take the tarred B4 road towards Lüderitz, and after 72 kilometres, you turn south onto the D463 gravel road. This is regularly maintained and should be in good condition barring extreme rainfall. Continue on the D463 for a further 85 kilometres, until you see the signposts directing you to the Fish River Lodge and Canyon Nature Park. Once you have made the turn, it is a further 19 kilometres to the lodge.

Please note that if you take the C12 Fish River Canyon Road, it will take you to the eastern side of the canyon, causing lengthy delays and additional driving time to return to your destination.

Can I drive to the Fish River Lodge in a sedan, or do I need a 4x4?
Yes, you can drive to the lodge in a high clearance sedan car, but please be advised that the last 20 kilometres should be driven slowly to avoid harm to your vehicle. It is advised that you check with the lodge in advance as to the condition of the roads to avoid problems enroute.

Is it far from major cities and how long does it take to get there?
In the grand scale of Namibia's vastness, the distance to reach this destination can be considered significant. Moreover, as it lies off the beaten path of major tourist routes, the journey may feel even more distant. Particularly, if one chooses to take the road leading to the eastern edge of the canyon, it entails a lengthy drive to rectify the route. Departing from Windhoek, the centrally located capital city, the approximate travel time by car is around seven hours. Keetmanshoop, a town inhabited by approximately 20,000 residents, is about two and a half hours away from the destination.

Is the Lodge really on the rim of the Canyon?
Yes, we are the only lodge directly on the rim, with 75 kilometres of river frontage and access down into this ancient rift. The lodge and chalets are between 5 and 8 meters from the edge of the Canyon. 

Is the Lodge suitable for small children?
Children can always be accommodated with strict parental supervision as we are directly on the edge with only a small distance between the buildings and the canyon.

How old is the lodge?
The current lodge was constructed in 2008/9 and officially opened in July of 2009. In the early months of 2023, an extensive interior upgrade was completed.

How do we get supplies to the lodge?
Our supplies are sourced from the Keetmanshoop, the closest town. We do cater for dietary requirements with advance notification given the distance to our suppliers.

How fit do you need to be to take part in the hikes?
Strolls along the rim trails are suitable for all levels of fitness, and you can choose when to return to the lodge. The Rim to River hikes and fat bike mountain trails do require a higher level of fitness.

Can we do an excursion to the hot springs at AiAis?
This drive would take approximately five and a half hours and is about 340 kilometres away from Fish River Lodge.

Are there camping facilities in the Canyon Nature Park?
There are no camping facilities at Fish River Lodge or within the Canyon Nature Park. Camps Eternity and Edge are only available to the hikers and cyclists of the Rim to River trails, and booking of these is essential.

Can visitors drive into the Canyon in their own vehicle?
Unfortunately not, as these excursions are only available with qualified guides in order to preserve the environment and fragile ecosystem.

What is the weather like?
During the summer seasons, temperatures fluctuate between 30 and 40°C, while in winter they range from 0 to 20°C. This is variable and can change as the weather in this area can be unpredictable. Warm air rising from the canyon often clashes with the cooler air above, resulting in strong winds year-round. Although we strive to ensure your comfort during your stay, it’s important to note that our location is in a challenging environment.

Are there facilities for research at the Canyon Nature Park?
We gladly welcome researchers and university student looking to further their studies or investigate the history we have surrounding us. Should you want more information on this, please contact Journey’s Namibia to enquire about facilities that can be made available to you.

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