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Canyon Rim Walks

Explore the demarcated trails along the canyon edge and savour the sweeping vistas of the expansive panorama that stretches before you. These self-guided walks offer a chance to witness the captivating play of light and shadows, making the early mornings and late afternoons the best time of day to take these walks.

In your own time and at your own pace, you can take as long as you please to appreciate the intricate details of the rock formations, local flora and vibrant birdlife – possibly even larger free-roaming wildlife. In a world where seclusion and unpolluted air are increasingly rare, Namibia is a sanctuary that provides an opportunity for solitude and self-reflection surrounded by the grandeur of this vista.

For those guests seeking a more informative walk, we offer the option of having a guide accompany you, subject to availability. As always, they offer a wealth of information on the surroundings that is both fascinating and informative.
Departure: In your own time; if a guide is required, please request availability at reception.
Duration: Guided can take one to two hours.
Note: Minimum 2 guests and maximum of 8 guests per excursion if guided. Children under 12 receive a 50% discount.

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