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Quick Facts

Where is Fish River Lodge located?
The Lodge is located on the western rim of the Canyon. From Keetmanshoop you take the B4 paved road to Luderitz and turn off on to the D463. This is a good gravel road. Please note: Do not turn off at the C12 Fish River Canyon road as this road takes you to the eastern side of the canyon. Fish River Lodge/Canyon Nature Park is well sign posted to the left. From the D463 it is a further 20km drive to the lodge.

Can I drive to Fish River Lodge in a sedan car or do I need a 4×4?
Yes, you can drive to the Lodge in a sedan car. The last 20km should be driven slowly. If you are not sure of the conditions of the road in the summer rainy season, please phone the lodge beforehand for an update. Pick ups can be arranged from certain points.

Is it far from major cities and how long does it take to get there?
Given Namibia’s size, everything is reasonably far. Fish River Lodge is not located on a major tourist route, so it does feel a bit further for some guests. The journey will take about 7 hours by car from Windhoek. The last 20 km after you have turned off the D463 takes you along a gravel road in the Canyon Nature Park. You will pass the old farmhouse before proceeding to the Lodge.

Is the Lodge really on the rim of the Canyon?
Yes. Fish River Lodge is the only lodge directly on the rim of the canyon, with access down to the Fish River by vehicle and with 70 km of river frontage. All chalets and the Lodge are between 5m and 8m from the edge.

Is the Lodge suitable for small children?
The Lodge is located a few meters away from the edge of the canyon. There are modest wire rope barriers in front of each chalet and on the deck of the lodge. However, small children will need parental supervision at all times for the duration of their stay.

How old is the lodge?
The new Lodge was opened in July 2009 on a new location on the rim. The original lodge was built the 1990’s and is now used for guide and staff accommodation.

How do we get supplies to the lodge?
We get our supplies from the closest town, Keetmanshoop, which is about 180km away. We try our utmost to ensure that fresh ingredients are available for our guests.

How fit do you need to be to do the hikes?
Strolls along the rim are on flat pathways and are suitable for all fitness levels. Our one-two and three-day hikes do require more serious levels of fitness however, particularly during the descent into and ascent out of the canyon.

Can we do an excursion to the hot spring, Ais Ais and Hobas?
This would not be possible in one day as both are situated on the eastern side of the canyon.

Are there any camping facilities at Canyon Nature Park and can visitors drive down to into the canyon in their own 4×4 vehicle?
There are no free-camping facilities at the Lodge and access to Canyon Nature Park and the canyon drives are only for guests accompanied by our guides.  Camps Eternity and Edge are available to hikers doing the Rim to River 2 and 3-day Hiking Trail.

What is the weather like?
Temperatures range from 30ºC – 40ºC in the summer to 0ºC – 20ºC in the winter. The weather can be variable given that temperatures can rise in the canyon with cooler temperatures above, sometimes causing strong winds. Strike it lucky and you can have balmy evenings with a myriad of stars twinkling over the canyon. As much as we would like to give our guests the most comfortable stay we can, we are located in a harsh environment. The Lodge is off the main electricity grid and dependent on solar power.  We are therefore unable to provide air conditioning, fridges and kettles in the chalets.  There are fans in the chalets.

Are there facilities for research at Canyon Nature Park?
We gladly welcome researchers and university students and we suggest you contact the Lodge to inquire about facilities that could be made available.

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