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As a destination, Namibia offers a wealth of incredible experiences. At Journey’s, we provide a diverse portfolio of lodges strategically located near tourism hotspots and remarkable attractions, enabling you to embark on your next adventure in Namibia with ease and convenience. Whether you are looking for encounters with the Big 5, breath-taking landscapes or cultural immersion, our lodges are perfectly situated to enhance your experience in our incredible country.

Journey’s Namibia, as the managing body of Fish River Lodge, takes care of all the operational and administrative support services required for the smooth functioning of the lodge. Additionally, we handle the marketing and sales, ensuring that visitors are aware of the exceptional experience awaiting them at the lodge.

HAN – Hospitality Association of Namibia

Fish River Lodge is a proud member of HAN, which represents the entire spectrum of the hospitality industry in Namibia. Its primary objective is to enhance the potential of the local tourism and hospitality sectors in Namibia.

By being a member of HAN, Fish River Lodge demonstrates its commitment to upholding the highest possible standards of hospitality and contributing to the growth and development of Namibia’s tourism industry. HAN serves as a platform for all members of the tourism industry, fostering a supportive environment for members to thrive in.

Please do visit to find out more about them and their ongoing initiatives to promote tourism and hospitality in Namibia.

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J Bar L Ranch

The J Bar L Ranch, located in the scenic Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge in Montana, USA, is a valued affiliate. Nestled in this breath-taking natural setting, the ranch offers a unique and immersive experience for guests seeking an authentic ranch retreat.

To learn more about the J Bar L and the unforgettable experiences it offers, you can visit their website at

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