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Canyon Fat Bikes

For an exhilarating and enjoyable ride, fat bikes provide an excellent way to explore the trails along the rim of the canyon. Whether you might prefer a guided experience or venturing out on your own, these specifically designed bikes with wide tyres offer a fabulous way to traverse the rugged terrain.

There are two options to choose from:

The Morning Excursion:
This guided ride covers 22 kilometres, taking you on a scenic route along the rim of the canyon with spectacular views and returning through the Kokerboom forest. A truly picturesque landscape, you will have ample time to absorb the awe-inspiring scenery and capture unforgettable moments.

Departure: 06:00 to 07:00, after an early breakfast.

The Sundowner Excursion:
Experience a magical sunset over this geological wonder with our Sundowner Excursion, a delightful 10-kilometre cycle along the rim of the canyon, offering scenic views of the rugged beauty. The highlight of this ride is the stop at the official sundowner spot, where you’ll be rewarded with refreshing drinks and snacks as the sun sets over the horizon. After immersing yourself in the tranquil atmosphere and sunset, you’ll cycle back to the lodge, arriving in plenty of time for dinner.

Departure: 17:00 in winter, 18:00 in summer.

To ensure your safety, as per the above, helmets are provided for all participants as well as water for the cycle. Join us on this unforgettable experience, where good old-fashioned exercise paired with nature and a stunning sunset create a truly wonderful experience.

Duration: 3 and a ½ hours

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