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Three Day Hiking Package

Only from April to September

1st Night

On arrival, the guest will be spending the first night at the lodge.

1st Day Hike – 2nd Night

The hike starts today, from the first lower point of the canyon, an enjoyable 14 km hike along the mid-level of the canyon, and across the rocky plains to the camp. Departure from the lodge will be at 07H00 and depending on the client’s fitness and pace, estimated arrival time at the camp is 15H00. After the day’s sweaty hike, you will have the opportunity to unwind and relax with ice cold drinks and snacks while watching the sun set over the plains of the upper canyon. Dinner at the camp will be accompanied by the warm campfire and the friendly camp service.

2nd Day Hike – 3rd Night

During the second day you will enjoy the 17 km walk down stream along the river bed where you may observe a variety of water birds including Heron, Goshawk and Fish Eagle. Depending on the season, there might be wonderful water pools where you can cool down in. The second camp will be at the natural pool in between oldest rock formation, Namaqua Metamorphic Complex, which is an excellent place to swim and to be taken back millions of years.

Departure from the first camp on the second day of hiking is 08H00 and arrival at the second camp is at about 16H00. Again, the guests can enjoy a relaxing sundowner with snacks and drinks followed by dinner.

The Last day

Hike back to the lodge with departure at 07H30, arrival time at the lodge is estimated to be 12H00, just in time for lunchtime at the lodge.

Recommended equipment: small backpack, sturdy worn-in hiking boots, bathing costume and warm clothing for winter nights. | You will need to be fit and healthy to enjoy this unique adventure. | The activity is based on a minimum of 2 people and maximum of 10. 

All Hiking packages are only available from April – September.

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