Activities | Fish River Lodge Namibia


Canyon Drive (Full day)
This is the only access route by vehicle anywhere in the Fish River Canyon. As you journey into the depths of the canyon, you will witness first hand millions of years of geological upheaval when the earth’s continents separated and a tectonic shift created the canyon.  Petrified rippled mud and glacial deposits, dramatic fault lines, rough limestone, shiny quartzite are but a few of the features you will see along the way.  Guides will point out evidence of rhino that once navigated the gorges and pairs of territorial Klipspringers as they feast on succulents.  The drive ends at the permanent rock pools. Lunch will be served before heading back to the Lodge. The excursion is approximately 7 hours.

Departure time from the lodge – After an early breakfast between 06h00 – 07h00. | Minimum 2 guests per excursion - Max 9 per vehicle.
Children under 12 are discounted at 50% of adult rate.

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