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Journeys Namibia

Journeys Namibia helps develop and manage lodges through a variety of specialist support services. They assist in the day to day running of lodges, bookings, staff training and the general streamlining of operations.

Eco Awards Namibia

Fish River Lodge was awarded 5-star status in 2019.  The Eco Awards Namibia Alliance is a certification scheme based on international principles that have been adapted for the Namibian context. The purpose of the awards is to bestow a mark of distinction to accommodation establishments that take the utmost care in the resources that they use and how it is recycled, reused and disposed of in the most eco-friendly and reusable manner. Awarding of an Eco Awards desert flower certificate is a sign that the establishment keeps to a standard of environmental care and implements sustainable practices for the future of the immediate environment, the company and the people.

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HAN – Hospitality Association of Namibia

Fish River lodge is a member of HAN, the largest umbrella body that works towards the growing the potential of the hospitality and tourism industry in Namibia.

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J Bar L Ranch

Situated in the Red Rocks Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, Montana, USA, J Bar L ranch is one of our affiliate ranches.

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